All-Ireland Champions

2021Arlene O'Sullivan, Co Clare2020Cancelled due to COVID-192019Arlene O'Sullivan, Co Clare
2018John Horkan, Co. Mayo 2017Pat Fulton, Co Offaly 2016John Horkan, Co. Mayo
2015Denis Nolan, Co. Wicklow 2014John Horkan, Co. Mayo 2013John Horkan, Co. Mayo
2012Pauline Callinan, Co. Clare2011Orlaith Ward, Co. Leitrim2010Pat Casey, Co. Tyrone
2009Pat Casey, Co. Tyrone 2008Pat Casey, Co. Tyrone 2007Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath
2006Pauline Callinan, Co. Clare2005Edward Looney, Co. Kerry2004Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath
2003Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath2002Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath2001Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath
2000Paul Moran Co. Galway1999Tomas O Tuathail, Co. Mayo 1998Austin Berry, Co. Roscommon
1997Austin Berry, Co. Roscommon1996Austin Berry, Co. Roscommon1995Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath
1994Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath19931992
1991Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath1990Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath1989Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath
19881987Don Meade, U.S.A.1986
1985Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath19841983Mick Furlong, Co. Wexford
19821981P.J. Gannon U.S.A. 1980Pip Murphy, Co. Wexford
1979Kieran McHugh, Co. Antrim 19781977Mary Brogan, Co. Wexford
1976Gerard Danaher, Co. Sligo1975Rick Epping, U.S.A.1974
1973John Murphy, Co. Wexford 19721971Phil Murphy, Co. Wexford
1970Phil Murphy, Co. Wexford 1969Phil Murphy, Co. Wexford 1968
1967Noel Battle, Co. Westmeath

Michael John (Mick) Conroy 6 times winner in the 1950’s to 1960’s

I would be most grateful to anyone who could kindly assist me with filling in the missing names, corrections etc. Thank you, Dave Hynes.